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Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC)
    Southern Tier West annually solicits grant proposals for regionally significant area development projects that will advance the goals and objectives of the Appalachian Regional Commission and one of New York State's implementing strategies for the investment of ARC's federal funding within the region.  Southern Tier West seeks a diverse range of project proposals from area non-for-profit organizations and municipalities and provides individualized technical assistance and works with the applicants in the development of grant proposals that meet the program's eligibility requirements and exemplify measurable outcomes that support both ARC's and New York State's development goals.
    Each year ARC provides funding for several hundred investments throughout the Appalachian Region, in areas such as business development, education and job training, telecommunications, infrastructure, community development, housing, and transportation.  These projects create thousands of new jobs; improve local water and sewer systems; increase school readiness; expand access to health care; assist local communities with strategic planning; and proivde technical and managerial assistance to emerging businesses.
    The Appalachian Regional Commission's mission is to "innovate, partner, and invest to build community capacity and strengthen economic growth in 420 counties across the 13 Appalachian states."
    New York State has 14 counties located in the Appalachia area, including Chautauqua, Cattaraugus, and Allegany counties.  Southern Tier West Regional Planning & Development Board is ARC's Local Development District agency for the region, working in partnership with ARC and NYS Department of State to provide resources, planning and development support, and specialized technical assistance to our local communities and constituency.  Grants from ARC's Area Development Program invest resources and other leveraged private investment into New York State's communities to support activities that create economic opportunities, competitive workforce readiness, builds critical infrastructure, promotes natural and cultural assets, builds the leadership and skills for the next-generation workers and leaders.  Read more about the sustainable impacts that Appalachian Regional Commission provides for Appalachia and New York State by clicking the fact sheets below or visit 
http:/ the Appalachian Regional Commission website for more information on Appalachia and the New York State Appalachian Region.

'ARC Investments in the Appalachian Region, October 2015 - January 2017
'ARC Investments in New York, October 2015 - January 2017
'2018 Example materials for FY18 Grant Process

Economic Development Administration (EDA)
    Southern Tier West annually assists EDA in its role of providing funding for economic development projects in the region through planning, project development assistance, financial priorities, project monitoring, and program and project evaluation. Occassionally, STW acts as a sponsor of an EDA-funded project.
    The primary EDA funding programs include: Investments for Public Works and Economic Development Facilities Program and the Economic Development (local) Technical Assistance Program.  The public works program deals primarily with infrastructure and other "hardware" projects that promote economic development, and the technical assistance program deals primarily with feasibility studies that lead to future economic development activity.
    Project sponsors seeking EDA funding must (1) be eligible sponsors, (2) document required geographic levels of economic distress, (3) propose projects with eligible uses of EDA funds, (4) submit project information to STW for inclusion in STW's Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) document, (5) be prioritized and recommended for EDA funding by the STW Board, and (6) successfully complete EDA's application process.  As EDA is extremely competitive, STW encourages prospective project sponosrs to develop competitive projects consistent with EDA's funding priorities, develop required project information in a timely fashion, and work closely with STW in order to maximize chances of being funded by EDA.
    Visit the
Economic Development Administration
website for more information on funding opportunities.