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Broadband Development 2012

The Southern Tier West Development Foundation submitted an application to the NYS Broadband Connect program for the amount of $841,350.  The basics of the application include:

The first component of the project will be to expand access to broadband service to rural communities through a WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) system.  The project will add five new WiMAX service locations to the existing network, resulting in an expansion of WiMAX service availability in specific areas of Chautauqua County, Cattaraugus County, and Erie County. These areas are as follows:

~ Chautauqua County: WiMAX service to 12 municipalities, including portions of the following towns: Ellington, Cherry Creek, Arkwright, Villenova, Sherman, Ripley, Charlotte, Stockton, French Creek and Clymer

~ Cattaraugus County:WiMAX service to 13 communities, including portions of the following towns: Perrysburg (town and village), Dayton, Persia, Salamanca, Little Valley, Napoli, Mansfield, New Albion, Allegany, Carrollton, Olean, and Hinsdale

~ Erie County:WiMAX service to 2 communities, including portions of the following towns: Collins and North Collins

The second component of this project will be completed through a partnership with the local medical clinics to enhance their ability to provide electronic portals through which patients can access their medical records. This part of the project will involve providing for eight patient portals across Chautauqua, Cattaraugus, and Allegany Counties.

The third component of the project will consist of providing hardware upgrades for certain local libraries, including computer and telecommunication infrastructure.  This component of the project will enhance the libraries’ capacity to serve their communities and thereby provide rural residents access to tools and applications vital to developing and maintaining personal and professional growth.  

In support of an Allegany Wireless Project, Southern Tier West was awarded a grant in 2008 from the New York State Office for Technology under the New York State Universal Broadband Access Grant Program.  This project brings broadband connectivity to the northern portion of Allegany County to include the Towns of Allen, Almond, Birdsall, Burns, Caneadea, Centerville, New Hudson, Grove, Granger, and Rushford.  These towns did not have access to affordable broadband services, and by providing an innovative broadband solution to this area the average citizen is able to take full advantage of the opportunities provided by the Internet.  

As of this date, Southern Tier West and its project partner, Southern Tier Wireless, has reached 487 customers - 12 businesses, 6 governmental entities (libraries, town halls, fire halls) and 459 residents.  Of special note, this project was able to bring Internet access to Swain Ski Resort. Another 322 customers have shown interest is subscribing.  This initiative is expected to reach as many as 9,000 customers over the next two years.

To further enhance the Allegany County Wireless project funded through New York State, Southern Tier West participated in the 2010 ARC funded Municipal Technology Outreach Program sponsored by the Allegany County Town Highway Superintendents Association. The Program is designed to assist Allegany County municipalities in addressing current communication shortfalls within the radio, computer and Internet arenas.    The ability to deploy additional wireless access in Allegany County creates a necessary linkage and leverage to allow the highway superintendents to quickly access information over the Internet.  The 2010 project provided the necessary funding for the purchase of wireless supplies to serve the Towns of Amity, Friendship, Scio and portions of the Towns of Andover and Wellsville.

Committed to providing universal high-speed Internet access to all citizens, businesses and visitors in the three-county region, Southern Tier West applied for and received funding from ARC in 2010 to extend wireless access into the north-eastern portion of Cattaraugus County. The Cattaraugus County Wireless Project brings broadband services to the Towns of Ashford, Farmersville, Freedom, Machias, and Yorkshire. Once again, Southern Tier West is partnering with Southern Tier Wireless to provide much needed service. The Southern Tier West Development Foundation awarded the necessary match for the ARC funds to Southern Tier West. The Foundation has adopted broadband as one of their goals and continues to support Southern Tier West in this effort.

For further information, contact Richard Zink at (716) 945-5301 ext. 2203.

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