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Regional Economic Development Strategic Planning
Southern Tier West annually undertakes a comprehensive economic development strategic planning process for the region, leading to the annual publication of a Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) document, a strategic economic development plan for the region that provides direction for diversifying and strengthening our region’s economy.  The CEDS analyzes our region’s economy, specifies regional goals and objectives, specifies a regional plan of action for achieving these goals and objectives (i.e., strategies for doing so), and identifies priority projects and funding sources to implement these strategies.  The CEDS guides the region’s economic development activities, and helps to focus resources on priority strategies.  Southern Tier West continuously accepts input and content suggestions for the next edition of the CEDS.

The CEDS document is prepared according to federal (US Department of Commerce Economic Development Administration or EDA) specifications regarding planning process, document format, and document content.  To view and/or download the CEDS documents, document  structure and content, planning timeline, and technical requirements, visit our publications tab.

For more information on the CEDS planning process or to suggest content for the upcoming CEDS document, please contact Tom Barnes at 716-945-5301 ext. 2209 or e-mail

Topical Economic Development Strategic Planning
Southern Tier West also frequently undertakes planning processes related to specific economic development or community development or regional development topics.  In many cases, these planning processes lead to reports or study documents.  Examples of these planning documents include:  The Commission for the Future’s Regional Economic Development Strategic Plan (2000); The Commission for the Future’s Regional Economic Development Strategic Plan Update (2002); the Truck-Rail Freight Transload Facility & Business Park Feasibility Study (2008); the Truck-Rail Freight Transload Facility Engineering Report (2009); the US Route 219 Planning Study (2009); and the STW Regional Transportation Strategy (2009).  To view recent topical strategic planning documents, click here.

        For more information on Southern Tie West’s topical strategic planning program, contact Richard Zink at 716-945-5301 ext. 2203 or e-mail

Small Business Finance
        When small businesses are ready to undertake projects, Southern Tier West helps them conceptualize and develop their projects to maximize the probability of success. Southern Tier West also helps businesses assemble financial packages of funding that meet their needs.  Southern Tier West administers the small business loan programs operated by affiliates STEDO and WRC, and through these organizations, Southern Tier West helps businesses obtain funding for their projects, often in conjunction with other public and private funding sources.

    For more information on small business financial assistance, cotnact Halley Kottwitz at 716-945-5301 ext.2207 or e-mail