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Each year, Southern Tier West presents regional awards at the Annual Dinner Meeting.  Award categories include:

Stan Lundine Award ~
Given to a person who is recognized for outstanding service in the southern tier west region

2013. Ginger Malak. Southern Tier West Regional Planning & Development Board
2012. Christina Orsi. NYS Empire State Development
2011. James Tammaro. NYS Archives
2010. Donald Rychnowski
2009. Peter Nixon. NYSDOT
2008. William Parment. NYS Assemblyman
2006. Catherine Young. NYS Senator
2005. Amory Houghton. US Congressman
2004. Paul Raetsch. US DOC Economic Development Administration
2003. Richard Peltz. Appalachian Regional Commission
2002. Thomas Livak. Cattaraugus County Department of Economic Development
2001. Brian McFadden. Ellicottville Chamber of Commerce
1999. Harold Marshall. US DOC Economic Development Administration
1997. Jess Present. NYS Senator
1996. Robert Sokolowski. Appalachian Regional Commission
1995. Amory Houghton. US Congressman

Business Award ~
Given to a local business person recognized for outstanding service in the attainment of regional goals

2009. Board Members. Southern Tier Enterprise Development Organization (STEDO)
2006. Fred Kelley. Everett j Prescott, Inc.
2005. Glenn Cooley. E&M Engineers
2004. Larry Shilling. Casella Waste Systems, Inc.
2003. Jonatha Cobb. Waypoint Technology
2002. Daniel Corwin. ACME Electric
2001. Daniel Jordan. Advanced Monolythic Ceramics
1999. Wade Levan. DFT Communications
1996. Ron Swanson. NYS Department of State
1995. Harry Kota. ACME Electric

Local Government Award ~
Given to a local government official recognized for outstanding service in the attainment of regional goals
2013. Brian Davis. Cattaraugus County Soil & Water Conservation District
2012. Dorothy Lendel. Town of Caneadea
2011. Sally Carlson. Town of North Harmony
2010. Kathleen Tampio. Town of Hanover
2009. Kevin Demick. Town of Angelica
2007. Lori Heithoff. NYS Department of State
2005. James Brennan. Town of Great Valley
2004. Richard Hollis. Town of Granger
2003. Karen Strickland. Village of South Dayton
2002. Robert Chaffee. Village of Wellsville
2001. Nancy McDuffey. Village of Portville
1999. Rebecca Brumagin. Village of Findley Lake
1997. Theodore Hopkins. Town of Hume

Marden B. Cobb Award ~
Given to a Southern Tier West Board member recognized for outstanding service in the attainment of regional goals
2013. Crystal Abers. Cattaraugus County
2012. Fred Sinclair. Allegany County
2011. Chuck Couture. Cattaraugus County
2010. Ted Hopkins. Allegany County
2009. William Daly. County of Chautauqua Industrial Development Agency
2008. Greg Edwards. Chautauqua County Executive
2007. James Cooper. Town of Poland Supervisor
2006. Jerry Scott. Town of Cuba Councilman
2005. Jospeh Eade. Cattaraugus County 
2004. Mark Thomas. Chautauqua County
2003. Robert Kies. Town of Mansfield Supervisor
2002. Susan Myers. Allegany County
2001. Charles Krause. Cattaraugus County
1999. Patrick Regan. Allegany County
1997. Gerard Fitzpatrick. Cattaraugus County
1996. Robert Keis. Town of Mansfield Supervisor
1995. Frances Morgan. Chatuauqua County

Special Award ~
Given to a person being recognized for outstanding service and promotion of inter-agency cooperation in the previous year
2007. Charles Krause. Cattaraugus County
2006. Steve Slavick. NYS Department of Transportation
2004. Samara Barend. Democratic pary Nominee for US House